Family Diversity

A Tale of Two Daddies - Mike Blanc, Kristin Blackwood, Vanita Oelschlager
A tale of two Daddies is a conversation between two classmates. 
An inquisitive boy asking a girl about her parents which happen to
be two men. There is no judgment but curiosity that is stemming from
the little boy's curiosity. The little girl patiently answers
questions regarding different situations and which father takes the
lead. The questions range from fashion to athletics to culinary
topics, which all are done in a speech children can understand.
This is a great book to introduce to children so they can understand
there are different types of parents and families. Even though
the parents do not look the same, each parent loves their child.
The illustrations are vibrant and will capture the children's
interest. All the activities are what a child would encounter
in a normal day. Displaying that families can be arranged in
different ways but do similar activities.

This is a great book to introduce the topic of same sex relationships
and illistate that they are not any different then their own family.
Answering general questions that a child may have when they approach
this family dynamic.