Ghost need Friends too

Sheets - Brenna Thummler

Sheets is a unique comic about loss, grieving and understanding experiences that may not be joyous ones to tackle. Thummler introduces Wendell, a ghost that does not understand the current situation he is in and dealing with emerging himself into the ghost community. This same experience is reflected in the human/living world through Marjorie. Both characters struggle through belonging and understanding death. It is an interesting take on how ghost are perceived and how a spirit would interpret their situation. Having these two outlooks gives the reader a better understanding of death and moving one. Thummler also tackles serious issues such as; death, bullying, and responsibilities in an elegant way. Giving the main character time to grow and mature in her own time. The illustrations fit the context and made the characters more relatable and anchored to the storyline. I loved the sheet aspect to the ghost and the process of them attaining them. It gave a creative twist to the myth of the ghost sheet.