The Helper Owl

The Ghost, The Owl - Betsy Franco

 She has lost her way and cannot remember how to get back until a friendly owl spots her and decides to help. In Franco's graphic novel, readers are given a rich illustration of Eleanor and Aldus journey of self-discovery.

Pro: The illustrations in this graphic novel are very vibrant and colorful. They change with the mood of the plot which is a great indicator of what will happen or what is coming up. Portraying Aldus the owl as a helper to the ghost was [pleaseant to read about. usually, owls are not portrayed in this manner.


Cons: The illustrations could get a little overwhelming with all the details and colors. Sometimes they got in the way of what was happening in the story. There was not much development of the characters and would have liked to know more about the owl politics or what happened after Aldus helped Eleanor. Also knowing why the man was attacking Jessica and their relationship would have helped with the depth of the story. 


A copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review