Back to the Dark Tower

So before the HUGE...HUGE disappointment of a movie came out, I posted about my feelings of the casting and trailer of the Dark Tower movie. I am an enormous fan of Stephen King.  I saw him at the Kimo with George RR Martin, read most of his books and by far love the Dark Tower Series. I love Roland and Jake as characters plus their interactions, not to mention the multi-dimensional feel of the book. So when the movie came out I cringed and of course, complained. I HATED the movie, everything I loved about the series had been stripped away and rushed. So I pretend the movie didn't happen



But then I stumble into this...Into a series really..... An article rumoring that the Gunslinger may return to the small screen. At first, I was slightly happy because a series would allow for more growth. I had this same hope with The Mortal instruments and look what they did to that.... Maybe I would have more hope if it was HBO picking it up instead of Amazon. Because I consider the Dark Tower in the same cinematography/maturity as Game of Thrones. 


So will I watch it...maybe

Will it be good.. probably not

What can I say I'm a pessimist