Back to School




So it's that time again..... School. I've decided to go back to UNM and get a second bachelors in American Studies to further my path to becoming a librarian. It's taken me a while to figure out this was my calling even though my soul was made of literature. They always say do what you love and I love/live to read. 


This semester I'm taking two religion classes which involve how religious background and culture  affects the perspective of readers. I'm super excited about learning more about how western religions have shaped our mindset and used in literature. But that also means I have a ton of reading to do; about 75 pages worth each week. That doesn't leave a lot of time to do much pleasure reading. 


So forgive me if I'm not reviewing or participating as much as I have. I'll still be reading books during the semester but not as quickly. If any of you have suggestions on some good easy books to read while in school let me know!