Winter has arrived

So I have finally dealt with the feels of this series being over and all that happened in the final book. This last installment picks up with all hell breaking loose and  Setrakus Ra about to take over the Earth. The Lorien clan are feeling stretched thin and hopeless. Can they bond together after everything they have lost? Do they even have anything to fight for?




- This book was a fast-paced rollercoaster that took my emotions on a crazy journey. With every turn of the page, the anticipation would build and build and build until the very last. I blew through this book so fast I didn't realize that hours had passed. There was not a slow part in the entire book and had my heart racing the whole time. In several parts, I looked up to make sure I wasn't in a battle or learning a new legacy. I was not prepared for this story to take a hold of me and never let go. 


- The battle.... THE BATTLES! I have to say that through the course of this series the battles have increased in vividness and have improved. The battles in this book took a much needed darker and maturer path. Which would make sense since it is the end of the world as we know it and there have been several heartbreaking and tragic casualties. Pittacus must have taken a page out of George RR Martin's Game of Thrones because some of those fight scenes were brutal. The detail that Lore described made the reader front and center in the action. I was totally immersed and sometimes would duck or gasp because I thought I was there with Four fighting the good fight. My heart beats faster just thinking about it. 


- Four..... John... I'll miss him. I enjoyed his journey to find who he really is. He had to deal with so much in this last book and losing people he was close to. I know that John was the main character out of this series but the point of view from the other characters only enhanced the understanding of the plot and made the connections deeper.  I did appreciate how each character dealt with the loss of individuals differently. Because from experience, not everyone has the same reaction at that moment nor the time following. It gave different views of how grieving can look and manifest. I would have like a little more detail overall from the characters but I mean its War and sometimes grieving does not have a place when there are people to defend. So I'll let it slide...... this time. 




-Sarah ..... I'll just leave that there.......


- I have come to realize I have one HUGE pet peeve and that's when the perspectives change but the chapters are not labeled to indicate this change. It drives me crazy, especially when the narrative is in the first-person. Because it is not apparent who point of view is coming from. So I spend the first couple of pages trying to figure out who is speaking. Then I figure out who it is and I have to go back a re-read the last pages. When all I want to do is see how the plot turns out. It's an awful cycle that must be broken! No more untitled chapters!!


- So I maybe the only one that didn't like the ending to this book. I always cringe a little when there is a semi-happy ending. Because its an all out galactic war and when everything turns out ok and a majority of the people walk away I feel that there could have been a better way to end things. I know I know that sounds kinda negative and I should want a happy and cheerful ending. But I can't let go of the fact that maybe someone should have gone down with the ship and dies a hero. Sometimes when an ending is left this way there are things left undone and it drives me crazy because I want to know what happens. But then again this could be a way for the author to do another book or spin off. Dear God, there better not be. I have dedicated 6 years to this series.....




- We aren't to blame for the actions of our enemies


-You have to embrace these moments not run from them. You never know when it might be your last chance


-It's not an easy thing, deciding how to sacrifice


-Discovery is born of desperation


-Overconfidence gets you dead