A Life for a Life

Beyond the Rising Tide - Sarah Beard

Avery used to be happy, carefree and spontaneous. All that has changed since she had a brush with death and an anonymous boy gave his life for hers. Now the grief is overwhelming and the depression is taking over. Until a mysterious guy comes into her life and shows her that her life is still worth living.




- The theme of this novel was quite an interesting one. This was not the first book I have come across that introduces what the afterlife can be. But Beard did a great job on not focusing on the traditional Heaven or Hell. Instead, she described places that are realistic and not permanent. The souls shift from one place to another depending on the state they enter the afterlife. Also, souls are given the option to have a job in which they can help the living on earth or there in the afterlife.Such as the mysterious miracles that happen are explained by these souls being sent down to heal.  


- Avery and Kai's relationship was one of the best I have read so far. They started out as friends and Kai's main objective was to show that Avery had the strength to keep living. Through his companionship she learns that her life is worth living. What I was impressed the most with was the huge theme that Avery was in charge of her own happiness. This is the main concept that Kai wanted to show Avery. That she had to find her happiness not in someone else but in herself. Which is a lesson I believe everyone has to learn?


- This book deals with a lot of heavy topics, such as death and depression. As well as peer pressure and addiction. Beard does a superb job in making the reader feel all these emotions and fully understand the character going through them. Beard makes the reader feel the anxiety and stress that Avery is going through because of the near death experience as well as Kai's issues with his family. Beard also does an excellent job of giving the reader a view of how it's not easy to just return to the person someone once was. It takes every individual a different amount of time to heal.




- As the book progressed it seemed the major theme started to focus on Avery healing herself/ being in control of her own happiness to the romantic feelings with Kai. The relationship was well written but I would have liked for Avery to be able to find her strength within herself and not in an external entity. This would have made Avery develop more into an adult and fuller character. 


-The ending was a little cheesy for me. I do like happy endings and root for people to stay together but I think that it was too happy ever after. Maybe if there was an explanation of why it ended this way I would be a little happier.




-Get Up. Get up and keep going


- It's the moments I've feared most that have come right before my greatest experiences


- Just be you. Who you are today, right now. It's enough


- When questions are like daggers, I dodge


-Breaking up means unlearning old habits, living by new rules


- Excuses only take our power to set things right


- It's the pain that makes us compassionate


- That someday he'll see me not as a weight, but as the buoy I'd once been to him