What's Your Witchery?

Truthwitch - Susan Dennard

Do you have a tie to the earth, wind or water? Can you see the threads of life that connect us all? Or can you see the truth in the false word people speak? This is the world Safiya and Iseult live in; a place where people are born with extraodinary abilities, Safiya and Iseult are threadsisters, a bond that can be stronger than blood. They travel together and face the world as a united team. But when Safiya's uncle pulls her into a mysterious plan both their lives are turned upside down.




- People being tied to a witchery is a unique and interesting theme. Caine creates an ability that is somewhat familiar and yet new. Who doesn't want to have a magical ability to control at will? These abilities a person is born with and the degree of power ranges for each individual. Witchery can range from controlling wind and fire to knowing if someone is lying. Which I think would come in handy in a game of poker or BS. 


- The story is told mostly through Safiya and Iseult's point of view. Let me tell you these are not weak women. They are trained for the toughest battles and can out wit anyone. But even with all the training the most powerful asset they have is each other. They rely on the strongest bond, their is friendship. Each of the women know and understand each others personalities, mind and spirit. This includes both the negatives and positives, which they play off of to balance the relationship. Even in difficult situations they band together and do not place blame on the other but try to resolve it like grown women...... hu who knew that was possible.... women working together not against.... These girls have faults but that only makes them stronger and realistic. 


- I'm all for a little romance, I mean who isn't. What I don't like is when that romance takes over the book or is too rushed. I love when the characters don't fall head over heels but is a growth over time. That's what happened here with Safiya and her love interest. The attraction was there but she has to fight it because her life is in danger and you know war is coming... girl does not have time for that. She needs to save her threadsister, hide from a void witch and somehow not become a prisoner. Also Safiya never yields or changes who she is to fit the guy. She is who she is and that has to be accepted. Her romance is one thread of the story, making it enriched and rounded. 




- I have to admit I was a little worried if I would even finish the book. The start was a little slow and I didn't know where it was going. There where a lot of terms being thrown around and different witchery types that I had to read them several times to get a handle on them. But this seemed to work itself out as the book progressed. 




- Sometimes justice was all about the small victories


-Those who win wars are those who write history


- Trust me as if my soul were yours