The Art of Outsourcing War

Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

What happens when a planet and a moon go to war but want to keep peace at home?Well you outsource the fighting to other planets and populations. you get other people to fight the war you started. Alana and Marko are just welcoming their first born daughter into the world. There should be nothing to spoil their happy moment. Except maybe the fact that they went rouge AND they are from different sides of the war. Can they keep their family together when the universe is trying to tear them apart?




- I don't read graphic novels often and picked this one up because it was highly recommended. I have to say it did not disappoint. The characters are full of life and depth. I loved Alana because she is a strong female character and fighting for the one thing she loves the most... her family. What I liked the most is that she is a realistic character and not sugar coated.  She has flaws like jealousy and anger but a loyal partner and loving mother. Marko is yin to Alana's yang. He is trying to practice a more peaceful stance and has a calmer personality. In no means is he weak but his strength comes from knowing his abilities and what he wants in life. 


- The plot is intense and I mean INTENSE. There really is not a dull moment in this graphic novel and reminds me of the movie Love Actually. I know i know they have nothing to do with each other but the way they are set up are similar. there are many characters involved and there is an intricate web that connects all of them. This may not be apparent now but i have a feeling soon the novel will start tying them together and I cant wait. 


- I loved the illustrations in this graphic novel. They made me feel as if these places existed and made me want to travel the universe looking for them. 




- As I stated before the plot is INTENSE. I have to say it's a good and bad thing. I liked the depth and complicatedness because it made me think. Yet sometimes it was a little over whelming trying to keep track of everything. If I didn't keep a book journal I don't think I would have been able to keep everything in order. I hope that the characters will all meet in a central pace or event and not have stray tangents that dont really make the story better.