Lust and Wonder and everything else

Lust & Wonder - Augusten Burroughs

So I have to admit this right away.... I heart Augusten Burroughs. I have followed him from the very first book he wrote. So this may be a bias review since i am familiar with the author and like his work.I have to just warn everyone right now. Burroughs is an acquired taste. Just like Christopher Moore, Douglas Coupland and Chuck Palahniuk. In that the stories they tell are average events but just left of center..... OK maybe a mile away from center. 


Lust & Wonder is everything I want in a memoir about love. Burroughs rips off the bandage and allows the reader to see both the beauty and pain of love. Through the failed relationships that Burroughs experiences gives the reader an insight to how a person can change with each person. Through out the book the reader will want to cry, laugh and smack Burroughs for the challenges that he himself makes and encounters externally. Through his eccentric personality and crafty story telling the reader sees that every person has flaws but can be loved because of them. Regret and the fear of loss was so well written with a touch of humor it was hard not to fall in love with the people depicted. Through his writing he makes the reader feel less alone in the way love is experienced.  It was also interesting to read about how his other memoirs and fiction books came to life. By reading this book, it gave me more of an appreciation for all his other ones. 




- Knowing what you don't feel is also a feeling


-Only there had been a fire, so everything I was hugging was crumbling in my arms because home was almost not there anymore


- That's impossible, I require him.


- I was an emotional Great Dane, hugely needy and clumsy


- I believe that my own hope was enough for two


- Building a house together is a real test of a relationship


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