Feeling the Exposure

Exposure - Kelly Moran

Every year Raven receives pink envelopes on her birthday from an anonymous sender. Yet this anonymous sender will not remain in the shadows for very long. Will the man be a positive or negative to Ravens life or be the final push into the dark?




- Realistic characters are my weakness in Romance novels.  Moran wrote two beautifully dark and damaged individuals. Raven and Noah had complexity, secrets and dimension for miles. Raven and Noah had to deal with their past both internally and externally, struggling with relying on others. Even when it came to the sexual part of their lives it was a maze that kept you wanting to go around the corner. 


- Raven and Hoan's relationship is close to ideal. There is a give and take that I have not read in a long time. Hoan gives the time and space the Raven needs while gently pushing her to go out side her boundaries. What I appreciated the most was while engaged in vertical tumbles he would talk to her through the whole time ;reassuring her and asking if she was OK. She did the same for him by trying to be open and acknowledge his needs. 


- Sometimes I think Romance stories follow a Disney format. The girl falls head over heels for the guy and wants to start popping out babies. Where is the getting to know each other. But for Raven it takes time to find that deep and eternal love. Which for me is a little more realistic and plausible. That it would take time to work through her vulnerabilities and dark places to realize she is in love.


- Raven has a life! Morgan did an exceptional job in showing Raven as a gallery owner. Taking in artist and what the shows where about. Raven knew her sh*t. Also Hoan  respected her boundaries and didn't just take her from everything she loved and worked so hard in attaining. It seems that woman having an identity outside of a relationship seems to disappear in romance novels and becomes mostly about trying to keep the love. SO this dynamic where she didn't want to lose herself and Hoan's awareness that she had to keep a independent side of her self only made the book that much better. 




- Part of Ravens complexity is that she has depression. Yet it is rarely touched on from her perspective. I would have liked to learn more about the dynamics of depression in someones daily life. 


- So Hoan says he will give Raven time to sort out feelings and what not....... but does he.....no. This is what makes me the most frustrated with romance novels. The pressure of making a partner feel the same way. If you say you will wait forever and accept that your partner needs more time than do it. Just because 3 months seems long to you doesn't mean it is long for them or enough. Everyone has their own speed in thinking and comfortableness when in a relationship. 




- Soul mates in best friend form


- There is a difference between loving someone and being in love




* This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*