When you say LOOSELY you mean nothing like it.......

The Mortal Instruments Boxed Set (The Mortal Instruments, #1-3) - Cassandra Clare

Wanna know the quickest way to piss me off? To take a book or series that I love and destroy it by making it into a movie. But if you want me to cut you off and have you be dead to me make it into a series after the bad movie. Yes Shadowhunters series I am calling you out!!n


  • Lets start with the plot... When you say that the series is based on the book you are greatly being generous. Because I have read the book, the whole series actually and quite enjoyed it. What you say, its been a little while since i have read it.. ok ok let me break out my book journal and give you some examples:
  •    -Clary is not 18, she is 16. Why change the age? WHY?! So you can sexualize her more       and it will be ok?

   - How Clary meets the shadow hunters was stupid and badly acted by the actors. What        more do you need than what Cassandra Clare gave you. Did you not learn anything          from the movie mistakes!!!

   - Sweet baby Jesus... THE INSTITUTE SHOULD BE EMPTY! CLARY DOES NOT FIND          OUT WHO HER FATHER IS TILL LATER. Build some suspense!!!

   - Who are all these new people! There are enough characters to go around without               having to add more. Why are you adding a love triangle with Clary, Simon and new           girl? 

   - The Vampires!! Magnus!! Some of the best aspects of the book... CHANGED.....                 WHHHHYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!

   - Simon's band....... really.... a duo.... I hate you......

   - Jocelyn's kidnapping, great way to ruin that

There is a lot of jumping around. I know I know i read the book so Im used to that time frame. But that order worked! This version is a shallow attempt and it is a slap in the face. You are Percy Jacksoning this series. 


Characters: Changed all of them, changed. I give you props for trying to make the cast some what diverse by having Luke be African America. Im ok with that but a police officer instead of a book store owner. I am greatly offended said the book nerd. Jocelyn is an artist hence where Clary gets it from. Valentine, I just have no words.  


I just have two questions. Did you even bother to read the book and i mean actually read the words the author wrote and published? Cassandra, did you have any... ANY input in to this series?! Or did you just take the money and run? This is every book nerds dream. To have a book series turned into a tv series. It gives the chance that the story line can actually be told the way in the book. To have most if not every detail that we read come to life. Cant be done? GAME OF THRONES!!! My closing thought: