Rapunzel is all grown up

The Golden Braid - Melanie Dickerson

Never trust anyone they will only hurt you. Never trust a man, they will only use you. These are the only things that Rapunzel has been brought up with. She is kept in the shadows and never to be seen. Her mother keeps her far from anyone and does not want her to marry. Yet everything changes once a brave knight saves her from robbers and changes her life. 




- I grew up with fairytales and Disney movies. Where the female character was always weak and waiting for a guy to come and rescue them, riding into the sunset. Yet Dickerson writes Rapunzel as a strong headed and vocal woman. She wants to be more than a married woman and mother. She wants to learn skills that are not tied to a domestic life. I mean I wanna learn how to throw a knife. you never know when you may need that. But most of all she wants to one thing. It is not to be beautiful nor to have a husband but to READ!! She wants to learn how to READ!! Yay to a strong character with knowledge on her mind. Books before diamonds!!


- In fairytales and YA novels i find that the romance is always front and center. Girl wants to be with boy and will do nothing to get him. Or as Frozen pointed out " you can not marry someone you have known for 1 day!'. I have to tip my hat to Dickerson on how she wrote Gerek and Rapunzel's relationship. I liked how they didnt just simply fall in love at first sight. They got to know each other over time through...... READING. They got to know all their good and bad qualities. Who could have thought two people could get to know each other before they are in a relationship. 


- A way to a girls heart is through..... her mind! Well at least mine... give me a great novel and tea and Im a happy girl (and maybe a churro). What does Gerek do? Teach Rapunzel how to read and than lend her books to read. He loves to hear her read to him. Plus he's a gentleman and to top it off a knight. He has his own demons to deal with which makes him more complex and real. 




- There is a lot of build up which makes you want to keep reading and speeds up the pace. But when there is suppose to be a huge climax the speed just hults. Epic battle turns into a quick surrender or an epic fight between good and evil and its merely a hand slap contest. I would have liked if these battle would have had more dramatics or depth.


- In a few spots the pace slows and a few events could have been taken out. I think Dickerson was trying to capture a little much into one book.




- The truth is kinder than a lie


- Dangerous men are the ones who take care not to look dangerous


- What does character have to do with being handsome


- How did a person ever know another person well enough to trust them, to absolutely trust that the person wouldn't hurt them


- A man can love you, but only imperfectly


* A copy was provided by Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review