And After Many Days What?

And After Many Days - Jowhor Ile

A boys goes missing suddenly and this throws the family into the past. Looking in the past for each individual of the family brings different events that could have given them some clue as to where their boy has gone. 




-As the family tried to understand the disappearance each one tells stories of the past. Each story makes the family more dynamic and deeper as you get to know them. You see how there is a contrast to the marriage and how this shaped their children. With each story a different side of Paul is revealed.




- It seems that the book is majority of retelling the past. Some stories seem unrelated to the disappearance of Paul. At times i wanted to shake the book and ask why are you telling me this!? It felt like a lot of reminiscing to me and not enough of the present on what they where feeling, how they where getting along or the plan to try and find him.


- The plot was pretty slow and i grew tired of the story quickly. Maybe it was because i expected more movement with a missing person. Some drama, ups and downs; this could be my fault of having different expectations than what the book really was. 




-These quiet ones they are the ones who surprise you


- Just because they believe in a different fairy tale from you doesn't make them evil. 



A copy was provided from First To Read and publisher for an honest review