Crown of Midnight Review

Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas

Celeana has a job to do and she does it well. Its not cooking or tending a family but a great assassin for a tyrant king. She has become his hidden and deadly sword to his enemy. If working for an evil king wasn't enough she has to deal with a love triangle and supernatural elements that she is only discovering in her past, present and future. She has to decide whether to work toward her future or the future of her people. 




- What I LOVE the most about this book and series is the female protagonist. I LOVE, HEART and wanna be Celeana when I grow up. She is so well written and has depth for miles. What i love is that she truly is a strong female character. She does not depend on a male figure to carry her. Nor does her occupation define her or her personality. Yes she is a deadly assassin but that doesn't mean she doesn't like flowing gowns, perfumes, softness and reading. Yes she reads and actually finds most answers in a library...... well and danger but we all know that happens some times ;). She only grows and flourishes in this book. 


- There is a sorta love triangle and im usually not a big fan of these. Mostly because they seem to overshadow the storyline when there is a female lead. BUT this is not the case here. The love story is second to the actual plot which adds to the dimension of the plot. There is no Bachlorrette style conflict where Celeana is pining for one man or cannot make up her own mine. Likewise the men are not conniving or over bearing. Yes the characters go through emotions and ordeals while trying to sort them....But SURPRISE they tend to do it in an adult way.  Not neglecting their duties or friends in the process. 


- Working together! Yay..... Girls and boys work together! Even through their differences and conflicts Celeana, Dorian, Nehemia and Chaol work together. They try to support each other through friend ship. The girls have an actual friendship that is complicated and not Mean Girls. 


- Mort..... I want him as my door nob...... NOW!..... to question visitors and suitors




-The walking dead.... thats what your going to call it......




-The knights gift, of seeing her for who she was, not what she was that won her heart