The Rooms of Our Lives; A First to Read Review

40 Rooms - Olga Grushin

How many rooms do you enter and exit in your life time? How many hold childhood memories, past lives and love lost? In 40 rooms Grushin weaves a story solely through the rooms of a woman life; from childhood into adulthood. Through these rooms the character takes us on a journey of how life can be exceptional and restrictive.




- The narrative of the character changes through time. Which is really interesting to read. The early chapters/rooms are very imaginative and fairy tale detailed. As the character grows up the voice changes to. Seeing this growth made me feel as if i did grow up with the character. 


- The book is split up into different sections according to where the character is in life. Grushin gives you a diagram of rooms that will be encountered. This actually made me want to read more. Because some of the rooms intrigued my imagination of what could happen. 


- Through out the book Grushin weaves in uncertainty through the story. When the character is young the reader has to decide whether she has imaginary friends or they are real and later in life if the character has altered her perspective. This kept me on my toes and made me think about how a story is told and how our memory may not be the more reliable.




- The main character is never named. At the start of the book it is a little girl we are introduced to and later by her married name. I feel as if some of the depth was taken from the character with out having a name. She was just a presence in the rooms giving her perspective but not really having a voice. It seemed that everyone else had a name but her. 


- The main character is a poet and I appreciated the lyrical writing but at times it was a little too much and made the progression and pace slow down. Which made the story for me drag a little. 


- Some of the rooms seemed unimportant and made me think why they where included. They did not add to the depth of the character nor the plot. Instead of adding an insight to how the character thinks and is developing, these rooms only made the story drag. 




- Ideals are all very fine until you start applying them to real life


- This weightiness, it has to be earned, and the price is high. Not everyone, you know, is willing to pay the price of immortality


- I avenged myself for all the time killed


- What I do not want... is a small life... a life within four walls


-The meaning of life... consists of figuring out the one thing you are great at and than pushing man kinds mastery of the one thing as far as you are able, be it an inch or a mile


- There are no such things as small lives, there are only small people


- Sometimes the harder path is the opposite of what it seems


Its the accumulated living, the weight of memories, that make it magic, that make it yours


- It's dangerous to make a secret not of something you do but of something you are


- Forty is God's number for testing the human spirit



A copy of this book was provided by First to read and the publisher for an honest review