Booklikes Awards: suggestions are open!

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I finally got to post the nominated categories. To suggest your favorite book per category click below:



Categories (special  thanks to everyone that left their suggestion)

1. Fiction
2. Teen/Young Adult
3. Young readers/Middle school/Children Books
4. Picture Books
5. Graphic Novel
6. Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
7. Horror
8. Fantasy
9. Science Fiction
10. Audiobook (by best narration)
11. Crafts & Cookbooks
12. Best movie Adaptation*
13. Best hero
14. Best heroine
15. Best cover
16. Best debut author
17. Best quote
18. Best villain
19. Best indie author
20. Weirdest title
21. Historical fiction
22. Artbooks/Coffeetable books (photography, architectural books etc)
23. Science
24. Romance
25. Historical Romance
26. Paranormal/Urban/Fantasy Romance
27. Suspense Romance
28. Contemporary Romance
29. Erotic/a
30. Non-fiction
31. Biography/Autobiography/Memoir
32. History
33. Humor (both fiction and non-fiction)
34. Best setting

35.Dystopian/Post apocalyptic


Rules for posting:
Books published in the United States in English, including works in translation and other significant rereleases, between January 2015-December 2015 are eligible for the 2015 Booklikes Awards. Please nominate only books that are published within this time period

A book may be nominated in no more than one genre category, but it could be nominated in the Author category. Only one book in a series may be nominated per category. An author may receive multiple nominations within a single category if he or she has more than one eligible series or more than one eligible stand-alone book.

As a sidenote: you can of course nominate more than one books for each category and please include a link to the book* here at Booklikes.




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 * how to include a link: find the book you want to nominate here @booklikes and copy the link from the address bar, then paste it into your choice/answer/recommendation but add the needed html code with it: