Passenger of Time

Passenger - Alexandra Bracken

Ever want to be a time traveler? Want to see the Victorian age or see the seven wonders of the world in their most vibrant time? For a select few this is possible and they are called travelers. Etta is one of these travelers yet she has no idea she has been born with this special ability. Etta is forced to look for a astrolabe to save her family and her future. 




- This book gave me a HUGE sense of Doctor Who (which happens to be one of my favorite shows) In the sense that its about time travel and the historical significance that each time they jump to. Etta doesn't really have the training or knowledge to really have control over where she is going. So every jump she takes is a new exciting place. Bracken does an excellent job of describing the time and its surroundings so that the reader feels they are in that era. This helped to really get into the story plot and feel as if you where a time traveler...... Closest I will get to the Tardis. 


- This book explores the dynamics between an inter-racial relationship. I was surprised that this would be vital to the story line. But jumping to different eras changed how the characters would interact. Especially when Nicholas is dark skinned and Etta is fair skinned. For Etta it is easy to gloss over the color of Nicohalas' skin because she comes from a time in which it is less of a concern. But Nicholas has had to fight for everything because of that fact. The dynamics between them change every time they jump because Nicholas is hyper aware of the racial struggles and rules which clashes with Etta's 21st century ideals and customs. It was really fascinating to see both of them navigate through different times together


- I'm not a big history reader or person. So when plots are based in a historical setting they can be a negative to me because they can over whelm you with history facts or details. Bracken did a good job with giving you detail that you needed to know to make the plot believable countered with the historical facts that went along with the era. Giving the reader a short history lesson instead of a lecture.


- Listening to the pandora station Beats for studying station, went great with it! (Thanks J for the suggestion :) )




- At the beginning it was a little hard to keep up with the characters. The character introductions were done in an unusual way. Such as Etta's mother was introduced as Rose but didn't really have a clear account of who she was for a while. The same to do with Nicholas and Julian relationship. I felt like Bracken mentioned the character but didn't give the basic background fast enough. 


- The plot pace felt like a line at Disney. Sometimes it had a good pace that would accelerate making you want to read more and more. Yet at some parts you wondered what the hold up was and why was it taking so long to progress. At certain points there was a stand still to dive deeper into situations that did not need it. I wanted to yell at the characters and remind them that the fabric of time and it's stability was resting on their shoulders; SO GET IT TOGETHER!!


- Pirate is not a term of endearment....... Nicholas uses this phrase too much when  referring to Etta and while talking to her. It made him sound childish and the flow of the conversation awkward. 


Favorite Quotes:


- It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishment the scroll. I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul (William Ernest Henley)


- Its our choices that matter in the end. Not wishes, not words, not promises


- The longer you silence a violin, the harder it is for it to find its true voice again


- Society is always the same, regardless of the era. There are rules and standards, with seemingly no purpose.


-Half-truths only added up to a whole lie 


- If Nicholas allowed his dislike of every man who insulted him to sharpen into hatred, he'd only end up cutting himself


- It was amazing how small you could feel when someone wouldn't so much as look at you


- In the whole course of history, war had always fallen on the shoulders of the young


- A snake could shed it's skin, but it could never change its color


- The way to truly live is to do so with out expectation or fear hanging over you, affecting your choices


- He would not surrender to the disaster of her


- There are rules, but rules may be  rewritten if only one hand holds the ink


- The most crucial point in life- that it wasn't meant to be lived for the past, or even the future, but for each present moment


- I cannot help but think, it matters not who you love, but only the quality of such love