Love Sick, An Unfinished Book

Love Sick - Cory  Martin

I am going to admit it now because isn't that the first step? To be honest and open? I have to admit I did not finish this book. There I said it...... Why was that so hard? Because I'm not a quitter and it takes a lot and I mean A LOT for me to not finish a book. Yet this has to be put in the not finished pile. The premise was intriguing, a 28 year old girl who thinks she has it all together finds out that she has MS. The story follows how Cory, a writer, deals with life after she finds out she has MS. She tackles a broad band of issues from relationships, sex and relationships. Ok so its a pretty narrow category she depicts. 




- There where some humor sprinkled in the plot. Most likely to release the heavy tension of reading about someone with MS. I did find myself laugh out loud a couple of times and was surprised once by the turn of events. 


-I did learn about MS and how it progresses. She does talk about the test and the uncertainty that can come with the diagnosis. Also the different types or levels of MS one can have. Which i much appreciated because I only knew the basics of this disease. 




MS was the elephant in the room. She skirted her disease so much it became a side story in her book. There would be long drawn out stories about events in her life where i had no idea where she was going with it until the last couple paragraphs were of and this is how it connects with MS. Than she would move on and I was left with a shallow feeling. I wanted her to confront the disease, have an actual reaction to what was happening to her body and life. Every time she would get close it was in relation to something like sex or a relationship with a man. I know those are two important parts of life but talk about something else or actually acknowledge the MS! Besides the elephant in the room it was just kinda slow. Since the topics she addressed where constantly repeated and didn't broaden the pace seemed slow and dragged. 


Favorite Quotes:


-Love carries the possibility of loss


-Cannabis was like the butter of drugs


*Thank you Netgalley and publisher for advanced copy*