A Girl's Guide to Moving On Review

A Girl's Guide to Moving On: A Novel - Debbie Macomber

Two women at very different phases in their lives must face the same devastating decision, to divorce their spouses. Leanne is a middle aged woman who has been married to her husband for 35 years and turns a blind to her husbands infidelity while Nichole is a younger version of Leanne. Both women decide to separate from the men that are not appreciated who they are and the love they have for them. They create a guide to moving on:

1.) Don't wallow in pain

2.) Cultivate new Friendships

3.) Let go in order to receive

4.) Love yourself




- I loved the interaction between Leanne and Nichole. I was surprised that the interaction between mother in law and daughter in law was so flawlessly written. The relationship seemed warm and genuine and not at all pushed upon the reader. Their was a real sense of love between the two woman. It also gave a different insight on how a mother in law would be in put in the middle. I liked the supportive nature of the two when so often it is not seen in literature. Because sometimes mother and daughter in laws do get along.


- The different point of views also helped to show the insight of both women. Even though they where separated by decades they did have the same feelings and reactions to similar situations. It didn't matter that one had been married for 35 years or just a couple, when it comes to love all bets are off. 


- The main characters (Jake, Rocco, Leanne, Sean, Nichole and Nikolai) all had a strong build up and depth to them. The personalities that Macomber wrote where believable and dynamic. I must say she did a good job in keeping the balance of drama, love and villains. It made you want to love, cry and slap the characters through out the book. 




There is only one HUGE problem i had with this book and that was the relationships. The book was called the guide to moving on. But i feel that it should have said moving on to another relationship. I had hoped that this book would have showed more of the women's lives apart from the men. I wanted to know more about the high school Nichole worked at and her relationships with the women at the clothing shop or the students Leanne encountered while teaching and any new relationships she may have made. It seemed that the book only focused on one aspect of their lives which made the story one dimensional to me. I had wanted more than the typical woman can only find moving on once she finds a man to love.  Because of this I had to take one whole star away and I feel maybe a little more. At one point Macomber does attempt this with Leanne but quickly abandons it. 


Favorite Quotes


-Be open to new experiences. Dont let the past taint your future


- It takes a hell of a man to replace no man


-Forewarned is forearmed


- I pray you remember me. Mostly I pray you feel my love.



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