Power of the Matchmaker

Power of the Matchmaker - Rachael Anderson, Jaima Fixsen, Regina Sirois, Taylor Dean, Karey White, Kelly Oram, Heidi Ashworth, Sheralyn Pratt, Heather B. Moore, Michele Paige Holmes, Julie Wright, Janette Rallison It maybe me or the fact that I don't read Novellas very often. This book confirmed why i prefer novels. The story line was one that intrigued me. Because matchmaking is something that i have not really encountered and not in the historical sense. This book left me wanting a lot more. I wanted to know more about Mae, her life when she was young and her relationship with Chen. I wanted to know more about the secrets she found with Mrs. Tan. The book felt very rushed. I know that all this maybe explained in the next books to come but i didn't really form an attachment to Mae or her longing for Chen. I hope that the next books to come will give a better foundation or insight on Mae and what she had learned from her apprenticeship. As much as the matchmaking and the couples story is important i want to know the tradition as well.