The List

The List - Siobhan Vivian How would you take being called Ugly or Prettiest in one of the most sensitive times in your life? Everyone knows the awkwardness of high school and trying to fit in. To keep up an image or try to fight a label. The plot of this book intrigued me because essentially this is what yearbook superlatives do at the end of the year. What homecoming and prom courts do. There are no ugly candidates but it essentially labels who is the pretties.

The author followed 8 girls through one week. 4 have been named pretties in their class and 4 the ugliest. The week is a count down to homecoming and the reason the list is posted. The characters were relatable but at times I felt as if their development feel short. Because there where 8 characters to describe all of the development seemed rushed and cut short. Each girl had to deal with how the label affected them and all of them had different demons to face. I would have preferred it if it was just maybe two girls the plot surrounded. This would have given more time to get attached to them. Also maybe a longer time frame before the dance and after. The author does give voice to very real issues such as eating disorders, yet if given more time could have done better to explain it.

Explanation of why the list was created and passed down would have added depth to the tradition and why each person received it. The way the last two got it was kinda forced. Also their reason was rushed due to all the other POV that needed to be voiced.

The book was not horrible and I did enjoy how each character had a very different POV and experience. Just wished there where less of them so the story could have had more depth and development.