Love & Misadventure

Love & Misadventure - Lang Leav It is unusual how the most simplest words can describe the most complex feelings. Yet this is what Leav has done in her poetry. I think I may have been the only person that did not hear all the hype about this book. I'm actually glad I did miss it all. Because I found it while walking through a book store I didn't have any preconceived notions. Yes most of the poems seem like they could be written by a younger writer. But that's the beauty in the poetry she has written. She does not need flashy words to embody love and pain. Nor does she use complex words that require a dictionary to understand. Sometimes the simplest of explanations can strike the deepest cord.

Yes could she have tried to make the poems higher reading level. Sometimes the poems seem unfinished or a little odd. But I think that's what the beauty in them. That they can be understood by a wide variety of people.