Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi I have to admit I read this book because I saw one of its quotes. The summary made me curious of how this book would play out and its theme.
The style of writing got to me fairly quickly. Right away the repetitive nature in which Juliette talks gets old really fast. I still don't quite understand why she does this. It only made me want to skip over these repetitions. It seems that the author was trying to hard in many situations to sound poetic and over elaborate. In some cases the descriptions really didn't make sense and made me not able to really enjoy who the character was. Since it was Juliette who was narrating the book, this speech only made her seem overly young and naive to the point that I wanted to shake her.
I felt like the romance between Juliette and Adam was put into place in stead of having a plot. It felt forced in time when it should have felt natural. I couldn't quite grasp where the book was going and the dystopia vibe because too much time was spent on the romance and her feelings of it. Again going into over drive with the description. I think more back story on Warren or interactions with him would have been better. It seem he was a side not to what was happening although he is the main villain in the book.
I really started to enjoy the last 4th of the book because there was too much action for the writing to really be overly descriptive and this is when Kenji enters. He is the comic relief that is needed to balance Juliette's intensity.
The ending gave me a huge X Men type of feel, although this would be the teenage version.