The Girl Who Can Fly

The Girl Who Could Fly - Victoria Forester, Ferry Halim

I have to admit that the cover was the reason I chose to read this book. I am still on the fence on how I feel about this book. I did like how Piper evolves from a hometown girl to a more mature young lady. She starts off as a sort of big fish in a small pond, a place that she does not fit in. She struggles as every child does to understand where she fits in. The story depicts Pipers journey in accepting her differences and creating a place where she can belong. Also she discovers that being unique can also be embraced by everyone. This theme of embracing the uniqueness in everyone was a heart filled effort and a good lesson to learn.

The characters for the most part left me wanting more. More development, more background and just more. I did like Piper and i wanted her to embrace who she was but she was a little to country bumpkin for me. I know, I know shes from a small town and thats raised on a farm with only her parents. Yet her dialect was hard to read for me. Conrad is suppose to be her polar opposite and what grounds her. Conrad was a good dark and realistic character to balance Pipers sunshine. He pushed her to the limit and made her mature more than any other character. I felt more of an attachment to him because of his flaws and misunderstanding of his gift than any other character. I enjoyed his transformation and the surprises he brought to the book.

What i found a struggle was the tempo of the book. A times I was flying through the book and couldn't stop yet there where parts in the book where it dragged and I had to push myself to read the book. I wanted there to be more development of the storyline and characters. So that I could get to know the characters more and build a stronger bond with them. I hope that in the second book there will be a faster pace and more development of the characters so that the parts were they did display their gifts didn't feel so rushed.