The Luxe - Anna Godbersen

It seems I am in the minority when I gave this book 4 stars. I completely understand why this could have been a lower star book. But I also think I went into the book with a more realistic understanding of what the book would be like. I had wanted a story that would be fluff, one that I could read easily and be more for entertainment. When I read the back and it indicated its similarity to Gossip girl I knew that it would feed my inner teenage gossiper. So I went into the book knowing that it wouldn't be as deep or complex as other books.


Godbersen did just that, provide entertainment through a gossip girl style writing. There was a betrayal, caste system. forsaken love and of course mean girl gossip and scheming. Even though the plot was pretty predictable there was moments that shocked me. I wanted to slap several characters for their actions while applauding others. It was high school all over again but with corsets.