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The way to my heart is not through diamond rings or expensive items. Lavishing me with flowers or cooking me a good meal. The road to my heart is paved with Paper Towns lined in Harry Potter and maintained by Aldous Huxley. Sometimes it can be dark like Gone Girl or full adventure like Percy Jackson. Find me in the stories that have helped define who I am. Understand me through the characters and see my world through their struggles. I will give any genre a try because i love discovering great new authors and books. I love to discuss anything literary, so feel free to comment on anything.


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United as One (Lorien Legacies) - Pittacus Lore

Be still my worried heart..... The War has just started


Letters to an Author

Dear Pittacus Lore,


So I can add crying in a Vietnamese restaurant to my bookworm emotion list thanks to your book. Actually yelling " this isn't the Fn last book" in the middle of the UNM campus is also your doing. Which was after loudly gasping in Zimmerman study area. Thanks for the emotional roller coaster.




Ps. This better be the last book 

A Book for a Life

Paper and Fire: The Great Library - Rachel Caine

Jess is back at it again but this time, he has nothing to lose. In the second installment of the The Great Library series Jess has a few regrets that need to be righted and is willing to die to make it happen. He must band together his cohorts to save a life of one of their own and maybe find the love he betrayed. This will be his greatest fight and may be his last. 




- This book has some of the best characters that I have read. I mean Jess loves to read and comes from a book smuggling family. He is obsessed with reading books and not just from a kindle like a device but real paper with ink and all the feels honest to god books. Isn't that what everyone wants? He is unforgiving in his loyalty and passion for the fries that have become family to him. But I think it's the supporting characters that really come to shine in this book. We get to know Khalila, Dario, Santi, Wolf and Morgan as more than Jess' new found family but more as fuller and bolder characters that have a past of their own as well as motives. 


-The pace of the book is non-stop and made me want to never put the book down. I was always on the edge of my seat and yelling at the book as if I was watching an intense sporting match. I was so invested in the plot that it felt as if I was there with them when they were trying to rescue Thomas. I loved that the characters had to rely mostly on their knowledge and wit rather than brute force. But then again they are scholars and librarians at heart. 


- I love when books make me face hard questions or situations. Looking at what I would do in certain situations. I love books and would love to be a scholar in which I am surrounded by them daily. But knowledge is power and can be used against the masses. The book made me deal with choosing between morals. Because for many of the characters this choice had to be made. Is a book more important than a life? The theme made me think of book burning which has been done for centuries to censor certain ideas and thoughts from the public. Who gets to decide what is right and what should be censored? 




- That the book finished and I have to wait for the next one :/




-Instead, he'd found hope and hope hurt


- He needed the feeling of motion, even if it was only an illusion of progress


- A few books short of a full library


- Revolution rarely comes from those in charge


-Books spoke mind to mind, soul to soul across the abyss of time and distance


-Sometimes the light's just too bright


-Taking someone's will, someone's freedom... it kills the heart and then the soul. 


This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review

Dr. Book Is in


I have always found that literature is therapudic in nature. From bad days, stress to a death of a loved one. Books have always been the shoulder I cry on, the words to describe an emotion or give clarity to a situation. This is the type of research I would love to do. How books and reading can be a supplement to recovery or treatment. So click on the heading and read how literature is being used as therapy

Pretty much sums me up perfectly!



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The Invisible Library - Genevieve Cogman

The Atmosphere of the place soothed her automatically; the rich lantern lights, the sheer scent of paper and leather, and the fact that everywhere she looked, there were books, books, beautiful books.


It would be the greatest sad love story ever.... AND I WANNA READ IT!!!
It would be the greatest sad love story ever.... AND I WANNA READ IT!!!

Dear Caine, 


Thanks for ripping my heart out while reading Ink and Bone..... 




This is a pretty accurate recreation of how it went down..... except for the bedchamber part...

Book Nerd is going to BookCon
Book Nerd is going to BookCon
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Ink and Bone: The Great Library - Rachel Caine

Libraries, Ink-Lickers, Fiddlers, Burners, cut throat academic race to be a librarian, and a Star Trek like beam system that folds your body to transport........ HOW DO I APPLY TO THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!

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